Project: Boxpark

Industry: Retail / QSR

Project Date: 2018 – ongoing

Location: UK

Highlights: Direct View LED, High Bright Window Displays, Multi-output Media Players and Internal Displays

has become one of our favourite pieces of software and we rely on it as an essential part of our communication strategy”
Matthew Carter, Head of Digital & Technology, Boxpark

is an essential part of Boxpark’s communication strategy

Boxpark is the world’s first pop-up mall – fusing the concepts of modern street food and placing local and global brands side by side to create a unique shopping and dining destination.

Currently operating three sites across London at Croydon, Shoreditch and Wembley Park, as well as securing investment for
a further ten locations, Boxpark continues to be innovative in its approach to dining and retail; remaining dedicated to working with aspiring and established talent from across the country to deliver unforgettable events.

Boxpark use to run over 30 digital signage end points across their locations. A combination of multi output players, LED walls, high bright street facing and internal screens are all used at key points throughout each location to inform and communicate with their audience with ease.

Boxpark heavily use the conditional play functionality and scheduling tools to schedule campaigns and content to appear
at specific times ensuring messaging is delivered exactly when it’s needed.

has transformed our workflow and enabled us to be so much more efficient. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve switched to mobile ordering for our bars as well as launching our new loyalty card and have heavily relied on to communicate these major changes. It’s given us so much flexibility when choosing hardware to ensure our messages get seen at our locations. The scheduling and conditional play features have been incredible for our business, allowing us to plan ahead and be quite creative with our content”
Matthew Carter, Head of Digital & Technology, Boxpark

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