Plugins are a great way to get more out of your digital signage. These plugins provide a completely unique set of features to further enhance the functionality of your embed signage account, at no extra cost.

Browse the selection of plugins available below to see if they can help you push your digital signage content / network even further.

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Room Booking

embed signage cloud based digital signage software - Meeting Room Booking Plugin

Use this Room Booking plugin as part of your overall Digital Signage network or as a standalone Room Booking product. Manage multiple meeting room displays via the built in online calendar or sync your Office 365 Outlook Calendar to update content.

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External Communications

embed signage cloud based digital signage software rs232 plugin

Use the External Communications plugin to communicate with external devices via RS232, TCP, UDP, GPIO and Keyboards. This plugin is ideal for creating some inteand supports both RS232 and TCP communication.

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Dynamic Data

embed signage cloud based digital signage software - Dynamic Data Plugin

Dynamic Data allows users to populate content using Excel/CSV, JSON, XML or Google Sheets, perfect for data driven digital signage content. It includes auto publishing features as well as FTP/SFTP syncing.

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Restricted Browser

embed signage online cloud based digital signage software saas plugins Restricted Browser plugin ios android windows macos

Specific to Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices, this plugin allows users to pre-determine lists of domains that can be accessed or blocked when using displaying URLs. Perfect for securely guiding the user experience.

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