WaFd Bank


Project: WaFd Bank

Industry: Finance / Banking

Project Date: 2020 – ongoing

Location: USA

Highlights: Transparent LED, Video Walls and internal signage screens

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“The project simply couldn’t have happended without . The wide range of features were a perfect fit”
Roger Starkweather, Founder, NewReach

relied upon to realise a vision

embed signage - digital signage software - customers WaFd Bank Transparent LED

Washington Federal Bank, known as WaFd Bank, is an award-winning local bank and portfolio lender with more than 200 branches in 8 states across the United States.

WaFd wanted to become a ‘Digital First’ bank using digital technologies to provide a better experience for their customers. As part of that objective, WaFd entrusted partner, NewReach to deliver a digital communications strategy across multiple branches.

NewReach worked to develop the content and communication strategy for WaFd. They architected the hardware solutions, designed and developed the bespoke content as well as project
managing the various installations.

Since the start of the project in 2020, WaFd have deployed digital signage into over 20 branches including at their flagship HQ located in Seattle, WA.

NewReach have relied upon to realise their vision for WaFd with great results.

As the United States reopens post-COVID there are accelerated plans to scale the strategy to other branches.

makes the complex simple! They’re incredible to work with”
Roger Starkweather, Founder, NewReach

embed signage - digital signage software - customers WaFd Bank Video Wall

offers versatility

WaFd have benefitted from the wide range of hardware and features offers.

Within the local branches, they have been able to deploy individual Samsung Smart Signage Platform screens as well as 4K BrightSign digital signage players for multiple video walls. They have also been able to deploy Windows devices and make use of the resolution settings to run Transparent LED window signage at their HQ ATMs which not only look great but provide added security screening.

The content strategy NewReach developed for WaFd included highly localised bespoke content for the branches. NewReach shot footage of the local areas and then using the conditional play features for weather conditions, playlisting, weather widgets and scheduling features, they were able to deliver unique localised campaigns via for every WaFd branch.

“NewReach was exceptional to work with as we executed on new visual technology using … It’s a WOW project!”
Brad Goode, Chief Marketing Officer, WaFd

Gallery: WaFd Bank Digital Signage

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