Player Apps

Platform Download/Configuration Supported Release Notes
Win 32-bit – v4.1.2 Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Release notes
Win 64-bit – v4.1.2 Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Release notes
Mac – v4.1.2 OSX 10.7+ Release notes
iOS – v4.0.1 iOS9+ Release notes
Android – v4.0.1 4.4.2+ (advise 5.1 or above) Release notes
ChromeOS – v1.1.4 Devices running ChromeOS and Latest Stable Channel
Samsung Smart Signage Platform v2 – 3.5.4 DMD, DHD, DBD, DBD-P, OHD, OMD-W, OMD-K
Samsung Smart Signage Platform v3 – 3.5.5 DBE, DME, DHE, MLE, OME, OHE
Samsung Smart Signage Platform v4, TIZEN 2.4 – v1.0.7 PMF, PHF, PMH Release notes
Samsung Smart Signage Platform v5 and v6, TIZEN 3.0+ – v1.0.7 DBJ, QBH, QMH, QHH, QBN, QMN, QBR, QMR Release notes
LG WebOS 2.0, 3.0, 3.2 and 4.0 – v1.0.2 SM3B, SM5B, SM5KB, LS95D, BH5C, BH7D, UH5B, UH5C, UM3C, LS73C, LS75C, SM3C, SM5C, SM5KC, UH5C, XE3C, XF3C, XS2C, SM5D, SM5KD, SM5E, SM5KE, SH7E Release notes
ONELAN – v1.1 v9.3.7+ NTB Subscribers
BrightSign- v1.1.0 autorun.brs | Read the setup guide here. BrightSign HO, LS, HD, XD, XT 3 and 4 series players. Release notes
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