Development Log: 11th October 2016 Updates

embed signage digital signage software development log 11th October 2016

This week we’ve made a range of improvements to . Many thanks to the community for providing helpful feedback on any bugs they’ve discovered. We appreciate the feedback, now here’s whats new:

UI/UX Improvements

  • Added: Advanced User Groups – Split users into multiple user groups. Apply rules to the user groups to exclude or only show items with specified tags.
  • Added: Plugin User Roles – Admins can now specify which plugins users can see and what they can do with them.
  • Added: Device Controller Permissions – Users with ‘Only view devices’ role can only get screenshots, users with ‘Edit device role’ can do everything else.
  • Improved: Emptying media trash, user wait times dramatically reduced
  • Improved: Device controller volume and Mute icons now match selected values.

Bug Fixes

  • Content Playback – conditional play on playlists with video.
  • Content Playback – touch zones were not completely hidden so that zones underneath could not be interacted with.
  • Content Playback – zones set to hidden that had zone animation applied, the zone would animate in and then animate out.
  • Colour Swatches – folder colour picker, had issues where users could not name swatches or input hex/rgba tags.
  • Layout Templates – where creating a layout template that included a background image would not pull through to ‘new’ layouts.
  • Layout Templates – where Template content triggers were not functioning correctly.
  • Layout Builder – zone duplication caused issues with content.
  • Layout Builder – with a zone selected, adding a background image to the layout would apply the image to the zone.
  • Layout Builder – options panel where panel would not resize properly after moving.
  • Tooltips – when hovering tooltip info would be hidden behind top menu bar.

Samsung Smart Signage Platform App Updated to v3.5.1

  • App now detects if SD card is locked or not
  • Fixed issue with remote troubleshooter when used with an external storage device (USB, SD Card) where external storage files would not be deleted properly

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