Development Log 12th October 2017

embed signage - digital signage software - development log 12th October 2017

Today we have published some new updates to , here is what has been updated:

Licensing Visibility

We’ve now improved the way users can access and maintain licences on their account. These improvements include:

Subscription page

Accounts Settings > Subscription

Subscription settings now has a list of all the licences on the account, including which device they are assigned to and the licence type:

embed signage - digital signage software - subscription list of licenses

Licences on a Device

User can view the licence key, type and expiry date that is currently assigned to a device by viewing the Device Edit page:

embed signage - digital signage software - license applied to device

User Subscription Notification Settings

Subscription email notifications can now be set up for any user on an account. When creating a new user or editing an existing user, there is now an option to enable ‘Subscription’ email notifications:

embed signage - digital signage software - software licenses email notification settings

Subscription Emails

The new licence subscription emails will be sent out weekly (Tuesday) to any user that has chosen to receive the email via their user settings. The email will include notifications for licences due to expire / expired in the following periods: 60 days, 30 days, 14 days, 7 days, Expired.

embed signage - digital signage software - licenses expiring email

Channel Size

The file size of a Channel will now show after it has been published.

embed signage - digital signage software - channel file size

Zone Playlist – Media Upload

We have added an ‘Upload’ box for users to easily upload new media items directly to a zone playlist.

embed signage - digital signage software - upload media to zone playlist

Large Image Alerts

To aid users understand the impact of using oversized images, both in terms of resolution and file size, we have introduced alerts for large images when uploaded to the media library.

Read more about our File Size Recommendations

Bug Fixes:

  • Global playlist text items – formatting now applied correctly when inserted into a layout
  • Management of errors in playback improvement to avoid specific errors impacting other elements
  • Permanent removal of decimal points for zone dimensions
  • When adding a new swatch in colour picker, UI no longer overflows
  • Creating a new template now takes all layout content and data
  • Duplication of a layout now duplicates any zone group settings
  • No longer possible to create a new layout without a resolution when no device is registered

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