Development Log: 15th June 2016 updates

embed signage digital signage development log 15th june

This week we have made further improvements to . Details of this update include:

Chrome OS – Updated to App Version 1.1.0

  • Added Remote rebooting via device controller
  • Added app version number to the application information
  • Bug Fix: Local file storage corrected

Windows & MacOS – Updated to App Version 3.4.2

  • Flash now supported via the website widget. *Flash must be installed on the device.
  • Playback performance improvements
  • Bug Fix: Video playback corrected
  • Bug Fix: Local file storage corrected
  • Bug Fix: Where account name and device name would still show when device had been deleted.

Samsung Smart Signage Platform

  • Short URL Input added. New URL inputs for running the embed signage app on SSSP to save time on setup. New URLs are non-case sensitive and do not require https://, simply enter your desired URL below: (landscape) (portrait) (portrait reverse) (landscape reverse)

  • Bug Fix: Device time now detected correctly for channel scheduling. (If you experience this issue, please publish the channel)

If you are running SSSP D or E series, we recommend that you update your application to the latest version. To do this, follow these steps.

Other Improvements

  • Changed default device volume setting to 0

Bug Fixes:

  • Global zones can now be hidden / shown through interactions and content triggers
  • Removing tags corrected
  • Cancelling firmware updates while running the SSSP troubleshooter, UI fixed
  • If first playlist item is an audio file the playlist continues
  • Notification issue when registering a new device saying storage device is not available
  • Allergy information board publishing now fixed

What do I need to do?

In order to benefit from these new features and fixes, please update your device applications / software as follows:

  • Windowsupdate to 3.4.2 and republish channel content
  • Macupdate to 3.4.2 and republish channel content
  • Chrome OS – No update required (automatic updating via reboot)

If your account dashboard does not show the new changes, please clear your browser cookies and cache then reload the dashboard by doing SHIFT + REFRESH.

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