Development Log: 4th November 2016

embed signage digital signage software - development log 4th november 2016

We’ve got a few new things to update you on. Below is our latest development log of things pushed live to and this update includes:

General Improvements

  • NEW: Selection of default fonts added to all accounts.
    Fonts include: Alex Brush, Amble, Exo, Aller, Chunk Five, Canterall, Fira Sans, Nobile, Kaushan Script, Open Sans, PT Sans, Quick Sand, Sinkin Sans, Source Code, Source Sans.
  • embed signage digital signage software - new default fonts

  • UPDATE: Account Primary Users (user that set up account) cannot be added to user groups.
  • UPDATE: User group option available in user edit page.
    UPDATE: Devices without a channel are no longer automatically selected when creating a new channel.
  • UPDATE: Trying to add tags without defining a tag now returns a ‘No tags’ notification.
  • ADDED: Live device date and time now visible via device controller

Bug Fixes

  • FIXED: RSS refresh time. Now uses user defined refresh time if set to over 60 seconds.
  • FIXED: No longer possible to create duplicate tags.
  • FIXED: Uploading Media year now displays as 2016 not 116.
  • FIXED: Dynamic media item timings bug now fixed.

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