Development Log: 5th July 2016 Updates

embed signage digital signage devopment log 5th july

This week we’ve made a range of improvements to . Details of this update include:

Samsung Smart Signage Platform – App Version 3.4.6

  • Added: Set Device Time and On/Off Timer remotely via the device controller.
  • embed signage device controller update

  • Bug Fix: Where long videos failed to load quick enough to play in the playlist, content would stop. Now playlist waits for video to load before continuing with playlist.
  • Bug Fix: Unsupported video files (resolutions over 1920×1080) would freeze. Content now overlooks unsupported video and notifies the user.

If you are running SSSP D or E series, we recommend that you keep your application updated to the latest version. To do this, follow these steps.


  • Bug Fix: Where video playback would pop out of frame – If this occurs on your iOS device, please republish the channel .

UX / UI Improvements

  • Added: Volume control function added to SSSP Source Input Widget and IPTV Widget.

Bug Fixes

  • Where selecting devices after starting the device controller performed no action.
  • Where the select option for the device controller had no affect.
  • Login redirect issue (/ajax).

If your account dashboard does not show the new changes, please clear your browser cookies and cache then reload the dashboard by doing SHIFT + REFRESH.

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