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Hydra EVC is an Electric Vehicle Charging brand, in the UK. Hydra EVC was founded with the vision to educate and help improve the UK’s Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure with robust charging solutions, assisting the transition to EVs.

Hydra EVC offer a range of commercial and domestic EV solutions and their latest commercial EV charge point, the Hydra Apollo, features dual fast AC charging in 7kW, 22kW and 43kW charge power options (for vehicles which can accommodate the higher AC input) and comes with a built-in 55” digital screen paired digital signage software for content management.

“We’d explored various digital signage software to pair with the Hydra Apollo to make it easy to update content but also offer great advertising features. Pairing the Hydra Apollo with a top-class digital signage software was key to making the product an attractive ‘all-in-one’ proposition to customers so by offering made absolute sense! It’s a great product and offers brilliant content management tools as well as Analytics which is very important for this type of product”Steven South, CEO, Hydra EVC

The Hydra Apollo positions itself as a product to maximise return on investment for EV charging networks. This is made possible by doubling the revenue streams, combining the fees raised from EV charging with valuable advertising revenues on the screen.

The Hydra Apollo offers so much flexibility in terms of running – there’s the built in OS that has the app pre-installed but also the option to install other media players such as BrightSign or industrial grade PCs making it flexible enough to run on the customers’ hardware of choice.

Hydra EVC welcomes all enquiries for the Hydra Apollo be it end-users / customers, EV solution businesses and installers or EV charge point network operators. Please direct your enquiries to: [email protected]

About Hydra EVC

Hydra EVC has a team with over 25 years experience in the electrical industry. This combined knowledge and expertise has been used to develop and launch an exciting range of EV chargers, offering simple yet effective solutions for all customers’ requirements.
Hydra EVC’s vision is to become the UK’s most trusted EV charging brand! To achieve this, the Company Mission and Purpose is to supply reliable and high-quality electric vehicle charging equipment combined with industry leading customer care.
For more information, visit: https://hydraev.co.uk/


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