embedsignage New Features Update – August 2015

embed signage digital signage software solution new features update august 2015

embedsignage New Features Update – August 2015

We are excited to announce that we have made lots of further improvements to our cloud based digital signage software.

Watch the video to see whats new in this awesome update:

The new features are as follows:

  • Improved performance (Layout Builder/Previews/Device Player) – faster loading, faster previews and more efficient content playback
  • Multiple content editing – bulk edit content within a zone
  • Multi zone editing – bulk edit multiple zones within pages
  • ‘Automatic’ Weather now uses device pin location – pinpoint the device weather by positioning the exact location on the device map
  • Default layout background (Background Image/Colour) – set a default background image or colour
  • Global elements – zones of content that appear across every page
  • Lock zones – lock content, position and dimensions
  • Playlist item actions – trigger content playback in other zones by setting start or end actions to specific content items
  • Edit content names – ability to change the name of any content item
  • Duplicating content items – duplicate any content item and keep all existing formatting
  • Play video until finished – single click to set a video to playback until finished
  • Play content infinitely – set any playlist item to play infinitely

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