LG WebOS for Signage 2.0 and 4.0 support with App v1.0.1

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LG WebOS for Signage displays running WebOS 2.0 or 4.0 are now supported for use with from app v1.0.1.

The increasing demand for WebOS for Signage devices with means we have now developed backwards compatible support for WebOS 2.0 displays to help partners migrate existing LG WebOS networks to , as well as offering new LG WebOS for Signage 4.0 support for new display products. This paired with the current 3.0 and 3.2 WebOS support now offers an extensive range of LG Display products for users to set up and use with .

The 2.0 support opens up the option to use LG’s special display product range including the ultra stretch 88″ and 86″ displays.

Another benefit of the new v1.0.1 application update is the improved application loading for WebOS versions and the ability to set multiple on / off timers via the device edit page.

Here are some highlights from the update:

  • Native Portrait / Landscape orientation support and ability to flip via CMS*
  • Multi zone content
  • Device management including Screenshots**, Network Info (IP, MAC etc), Multi On / Off Timer config, Volume Control, Reboot
  • Channel content delivery confirmation
  • Device stats including CPU performance and Storage space used

New models compatible with are:

  • 2.0 – SM3B, SM5B, SM5KB, LS95D, BH5C, BH7D, UH5B
  • 4.0 – SM5E, SM5KE, SH7E

Try for yourself

Already have a LG WebOS for Signage Display? Sign up for your free 28 day trial then configure your device to run the v1.0.1 application.

Notes: *WebOS 2.0 orientation controlled via display, cannot flip via CMS. **videos will not show in device screenshots. UHD panels output FHD via the WebOS for Signage SoC.

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