Development Log: 4th August 2016 Updates

embed signage digital signage software development log 4th august

Recently we’ve been focused heavily on squashing various bugs that have reared their ugly heads… this week we’ve made loads of improvements to including heaps of bug fixes. Here’s what’s changed:

Samsung Smart Signage Platform

New Application Released – Version 3.4.8

  • Added: Support for audio files to play at the same time video files. Video volume must be set to 0.
  • Improvement: Device Controller Volume now controls master volume of device. Media playback volume will be relative to the master volume.
  • Bug Fix: External Storage – fixed bug where sometimes storage device would not be recognised (fixed in v3.4.7)
  • Bug Fix: Source Input not clearing after Schedule / Override change. Source Input now clears after schedule or override changes layout.


  • Bug Fix: iOS displaying video controls for iOS v9 software is now fixed. Video will play in the zone set in the layout.

Content Playback Fixes

  • Bug Fix: Fixed where a dynamic media item would not play after page change.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed where dynamic media content items did not activate content triggers.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed bug with Travel App and Room Booking plugins in the same layout conflicting.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed animation bugs on Twitter widget when being used on multiple pages of a layout.
  • Bug Fix:: Fixed where additional playlist items would not play after Dynamic Media content in a zone.

UI Fixes & Improvements:

  • Improvement: When Dynamic Media is first inserted into a zone playlist the configuration box now auto closes.
  • Improvement: Content Triggers, Interactivity and Timeouts: When applying ‘move to next page’ action, the ‘target’ option is now removed for improved user flow.
  • Bug Fix:: Fixed where user was unable to close box when editing Dynamic Data.
  • Bug Fix:: Sliders in the Layout builder are fixed (for zone dimensions, position etc).
  • Bug Fix:: Fixed where pages that have been duplicated would reordered after first save in layout builder.
  • Bug Fix:: Reseller branding on layout builder loading page is now reinstated
  • Bug Fix:: User roles can now be deleted.
  • Bug Fix:: Fixed bug when publishing a channel to a ONELAN NTB with a global playlist including Source Input would error.

If your account does not show the new changes, please clear your browser cookies and cache then reload the dashboard by doing SHIFT + REFRESH.

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