Development Log: 7th June 2016 updates

embed signage - cloud based digital signage software - Development Log 7th June 2016

Today we have made further improvements to that we hope you’ll enjoy. Details of the update include:

Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) Application Updated to v3.4.5

  • Firmware updating bug fix
  • Seamless Content Playback in any orientation (requires SSSP video optimisation)
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Blank screen after page change fixed
  • Playback stability improvements

If you are running SSSSP D or E series, we recommend that you update your application to the latest version. To do this, follow these steps.

UI updates related to Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP)

  • Added remote troubleshooting to Devices page UI.

    embed signage - cloud based digital signage software - SSSP Remote Troubleshooter

    By selecting to run the SSSP troubleshooter app (only works with V3.4.5 app or above) the device must be online first. With the device running online the Troubleshooter application will wipe the device of all files and reboot. Once rebooted content will re-download (if assigned to a channel) and begin playback.

  • Added Available Storage Space to stats on device page.

    embed signage - cloud based digital signage software - storage space available SSSP

    This shows the available storage space on an SSSP device (internal, USB or SD card).

  • SSSP Video Optimisation.

    embed signage - cloud based digital signage software - optimise videos for SSSP

    This is required for an SSSP device to benefit from Seamless playlist content playback in any orientation. To enable SSSP video optimsation for various orientations go to Default settings > Video > Optimise for SSSP > Select orientation.

    Each video that has already been uploaded and subsequently uploaded to an account will be optimised to run at the selected orientation on SSSP. Now, your SSSP device will run seamless playlist content (including video) in any orientation.

Other improvements

  • Device Conditional Play (all devices)

    embed signage - cloud based digital signage software - Device conditional play

    Hyper-targeted content playback with device conditional play tagging. Tag a device and select whether to display or exclude media with the same tag from the playback on that device.

  • Login UX improvement

    Users can now login to their account using either their email address or username for the username field.

  • Navigation Menu UX improvement

    embed signage - cloud based digital signage software - Global Playlist Menu Moved

    Global Playlists is a great tool for creating and maintaining a single playlist that can be added to multiple layout designs. For adding and editing playlist content specifically on a layout, this is done via a zone playlist. We commonly see users creating and using Global Playlists when they do not require this feature. We have therefore aided the learning process by removing it from the primary navigation sequence.

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